Stinky Feet May Increase Your Risk of Contracting Malaria

Stinky Feet May Increase Your Risk of Contracting Malaria

Sweaty feet are quite embarrassing and lead to significant foot odor. Each foot has over 300,00 sweat glands in it making it among the most parts of our body that perspire. When we sweat, bacteria break down our sweat and the waste product is what gives off a cheesy foul odor.

It is well known that human odors attract mosquitoes. But a recent study performed at the London Scholl of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine found that mosquitoes infected with malaria were three times more likely to be drawn to stinky feet than mosquitoes not infected with malaria parasites. The study was interesting because it demonstrated the affect of the parasites on the mosquitoes and may aid in the development of more effective mosquito traps in the future.

Although this was a laboratory study one may want to take precautions if traveling to the tropics. To make yourself less of a risk of attracting malaria mosquitoes you may want to watch the following videos:

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