Frequently Asked Questions

What hospitals are the physicians associated with?

Barnabas Health in Livingston, NJ and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton in Hamilton, NJ

Do you make orthotics?

Yes. Custom orthotics are an essential tool in the conservative management of foot and ankle disorders. The devices are custom made from a mold of your foot so that they fit you and no one else. We can make orthotics for a variety of different shoe gear including heels.

Where to the doctors perform surgery?

Most surgeries are performed at a same day surgery center. The doctors are on staff at Short Hills Surgery Center and The Surgery Center at Hamilton. Should the need arise surgery can be performed at Barnabas Health in Livingston or Robert Wood Johnson in Hamilton.

Are your physicians board certified in foot surgery?

Yes. Our physicians are board certified by The American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. Please visit our provider’s page (link) to learn more about our providers.

How long have your physicians been in practice?

Both of our physicians have been in practice for over 20 years.

Will you bill my insurance?


What will I have to pay at my first appointment? What forms of payment do you accept?

We collect all co-pays and outstanding deductibles at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, and credit and debit cards.

What insurance plans do you participate with?

For a full list of insurances please visit our insurers page or call any one of our offices and the staff will be happy to assist you.

What should I bring on my first appointment?

Photo ID, insurance card, referral if required, list of medications, X-ray and report from previous doctors regarding your current complaint. Also, complete paperwork including medical history form, financial forms, and HIPPAA paperwork. You can print out new patient paper work here.

What languages, other than English, are spoken with in your practice?

We have Spanish and Portuguese speaking clinical staff able to translate for our physicians at our Newark and Livingston locations.

Should I come early to my scheduled appointment?

Yes. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

I am scheduled to have orthotics made. What should I bring?

On the day of casting for orthotics we recommend you bring the shoes you wear most often. For sneakers and work boots we will take a trace of the liners that come with the shoe. If you are having orthotics made for dress shoes or high heels we request you bring an extra pair so they can be sent out with your cast so the orthotics will fit perfectly.


I suffered with chronic heel pain for over a year. I finally went to see Dr. Fritz who examined me and performed X-rays on the same visit. He diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis. After a course of physical therapy, a cortisone shot and a pair of custom orthotics I’m able to walk pain free again.

- Jeff C.

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