Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown toenail occurs when the side of the toenail grows into the skin resulting in pain, redness and swelling.


  • Improper care of the nail – cutting too short, picking at the nail.
  • Trauma to nail – sports trauma, shoes too tight, bunion deformities.
  • Congenital incurvated nail


Cut your nails straight across. Avoid tapering the corners. I like to tell patients to leave at least 1 to 2mm of white edge showing at the tip of the toenail. This is correct for the majority of the population. However, people with congenitally incurvated nail or a nail that was damaged from a prior injury curving the nail maybe necessary.

If you have a thickened or fungal nail cutting them can be difficult. See a Podiatrist for care. Individuals with circulation problems, numbness in their feet, or if you cannot see your feet do not attempt to cut your nails yourself.


Should you nail become inflamed soak your foot in warm water with dilute betadine solution for at least 10min 4 times a day. Apply topical antibiotic ointment and Band-aid. If no improvement is noted or drainage is observed seek medical attention immediately.

If you are a diabetic, have circulation or immune problems don’t even attempt home care.  Call your doctor or go to nearest emergency room.

Typically for an infected ingrown toenail the toe will be numbed and the offending nail border removed.  You may be placed on an oral antibiotic.

Recurrent ingrown toenails can be treated with a matrixectomy procedure which involves destruction of the area that makes the nail grow.

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I suffered with chronic heel pain for over a year. I finally went to see Dr. Fritz who examined me and performed X-rays on the same visit. He diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis. After a course of physical therapy, a cortisone shot and a pair of custom orthotics I’m able to walk pain free again.

- Jeff C.

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